Our Values

At Cafechurch we are all in it together: seeking authenticity in our lives, engaging with questions of faith and meaning, and exploring how to be followers of Jesus in our culture.

This is our vision statement. It is not set in stone – it is a starting point for discussion. In fact the whole idea of a vision statement feels like a funny sort of thing to have when we’re discussing something as organic as a church. But we need to explain a few things about why we do what we do and are what we are.

In thinking about what sort of a place Cafechurch is, we came up with four key values. There are a lot of other ones we could have come up with – a lot of other ways of expressing what we are on about. But we think that these four give us a pretty good place to start.

  • Everything is sacred: How chatting over a beer in a bar is in fact a radically incarnational statement.
  • Open-ness, inclusivity, and acceptance: How can we wrestle honestly with questions of faith? Is doubt OK? Inevitable? Perhaps even a bit desirable sometimes?
  • Authenticity: We want to be real – real with each other, real in our dealings with the world, real with God. How can we free ourselves of masks and encourage one another?
  • We’re all in this together: Some people like to call it “Every Member Ministry”, but we’re going to experiment with “Church as Wikipedia.”


There are gaps here; things which we could, and perhaps should, have included here. Perhaps the document is too inward focused. What about the “world outside”? Is this just another way of forming an even more exclusive little holy huddle?

The hope is that other things will be resolvable in terms of the above minimal set of values. If that isn’t true, then perhaps we need to expand the set. Finally this document is to be treated as a beta. That is, not taken absolutely to heart, subject to revision and change and tinkering. Cafechurch is a fairly new thing (though not completely fresh, because there really is nothing new under the sun) If things don’t work out, then that’s OK – even that is a useful discovery.


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