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He is particularly proud of

Alister in Krakow back in 2011

Cafechurch, Faith, and Mystery

In a segment filmed for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel, author Brene Brown reflects on why she left the Roman Catholic faith of her youth, and how she has found herself back in the Episcopal church.

One of the key points she makes is that she originally “fell in love with the faith and the mystery piece.” However, over time her experience of church, “became less about faith and mystery, and more about politics and certainty.”

COVID-19 Response

This page list some resources about our response to COVID-19, and will detail what Cafechurch is doing as a result

Currently Cafechurch is meeting online using Zoom, and keeping in touch with Slack.

Please feel free to email Alister at info [at] for links to the meeting and Slack - we would love to see you :)

Jesus and the man blind from birth

We're spending some time thinking about the material, embodied nature of Christianity. It isn't a set of ideas, it isn't even exactly an inner attitude or a philosophy of life - important as those things are. But what is it? We'll see if looking at the story of Jesus healing the man born blind can help us dive more deeply into faith - what it is, and how to do it.

Wells, Springs, Eternal Life

What does it mean to have a wellspring of eternal life welling up inside you? Is that how you feel? We're going to be thinking about the time Jesus shocked everyone by hanging out with a Samaritan lady at the well. Read it here
Union Club Hotel, 10/3/20 at 6:45pm

God said Go so Abram Went

God said to Abram, go. And Abram went. Where do we find that sort of trust? Where is God sending us? And, will we have to get new names, like Abram becoming Abraham?
Tuesday 2/3/2020 at 6:45 at the Union Club Hotel

Read the text here

The Power of the Dark Side?

Anger. Lust. Divorce. Swearing oaths. A weekend gone horribly wrong? Or was Vader right?

Why Does God Send People To Hell If They Don't Believe

This is the next in our series of sessions inspired by Marty Sampson's excellent questions. You can find the series home page here. This session was led by Andrew, an elder at Cafechurch.

The Hell Question


It can have a devastating impact on how people think about the character of God. People rightfully walk away from Christianity because of it. Though they don't always have to—I hope Marty doesn't.

No-One Talks About It

Recently the Christian interwebs were set a-twitter by a few high profile leaders saying that they had lost, or were losing, their faith. I was particularly struck by Marty Sampson's story. He was a worship leader at Hillsong church, and a big figure in the Pentecostal world. You can read what he has to say about his faith at Relevant Magazine (the original Instagram post seems to have been taken down.)