What (or Who) We Talk About When We Talk About God

When I glibly thought "I know, we'll spend an evening talking about God!" I hadn't really quite reckoned with what a complex topic it is. I blame CPE brain. So it was a bit of a dense evening, but makes some basic theological and philosophical points that could usefully be made before talking much about God at all. And it drew out some good questions, which we will use for future evenigs. So, on the whole, it was a good evening. 


The Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo

God Loves You

God's love for you is the first, primary, basic fact about you. Here are three ways in which we can try to process this, on the surface, uncontroversial idea

• Theologically
– What does it mean to say this as a Christian?
•Spiritually / Experientially
– How do I come to know this at increasingly deep levels of myself?
• Transformationally
– God’s love is transformational – the best evidence is the life transformed into Christlikeness
St John of the Cross

Faith Development #1 - God of the Superego

This is the first part of a series we are doing about faith development at Cafechurch Melbourne (www.cafechurch.org), l argely based on John J Shea's book "Finding God Again." We want to be adults, with fully functional adult faith, but how do we go about it? This session is about the God of the superego with which we start our journey. These images of God aren't wrong exactly, but they become increasingly inadequate, and as we develop, we need to develop more adequate notions of God.

Blake's Ancient of Days
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