Cafechurch Session 10 July 2018

Jesus, we are told, went back to his home town. But people there didn't buy his story, and said, essentially: who on earth do you think  you are? We have known you forever. And he was amazed to see that he could do no deeds of power there, besides heal a few people (And, really who can't do that? (Joke, obvs.)) (This is my very brief precis of Mark 6:1-6 )

Boardroom Tycoon vs the Epiphany

I have been playing quite a lot of Boardroom Tycoon recently (yes, I know, but I've got more spare time than I'm used to), and it occurred to me that a game that is all about making money, hiring and firing, and generally all about being a mover and a shaker in this world would provide a really useful foil for thinking about the Epiphany: who is the *real* king, and why?

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