Tuesday Nights

At Cafechurch we think life is an adventure, a spiritual quest. Like all adventures, sometimes you're fighting dragons, sometimes you're feasting in merry inns, and sometimes you're slogging along a long, hot, dry path in the middle of nowhere wondering why on earth you just didn't stay at home.

Tuesday Nights are the core of what we do. The Mothership, if you will. This is where we do our best to be an open, inclusive, welcoming community. We all live busy lives, all over Melbourne. But on Tuesdays, we come together to do life together, exchange our travellers tales, eat and drink, and encourage one another along the road.

It can be fairly head-based (check out the resources pages to see how that works out in practice), but the underlying thing we are trying to do is to get beyond the theories, helpful as they are, to get to the actual lived experience of life as an adventure with one another, and with Jesus.

We meet in a cafe (well, usually a pub, but the same point applies) to be hospitable to those who feel locked out of church. A lot of us have had brusing experiences of big Evangelical / Pentecostal / Charismatic churches, and Tuesdays are a place to work out what to do next. We are more "for things" than "against things", but we accept that people can be very bruised from their experiences of church, and need a safe place.

Hospitality is our watchword, and this is why we buy the coffee for everyone, every night we meet together. It isn't a huge thing, but it symbolises our fundamental attitude of welcome, and feels like the sort of thing Jesus might do in our situation. Of course, he would probably turn water into espresso in 21st Century Melbourne, but even though we do it less miraculously, the intention is the same.