Summer season: Movie Night and Cafechurch The Demo

Hiya Everyone

I hope you have all found somewhere cool to hide today. Only another 7 or 8 hours until things change - though it will probably take a while for our house to cool down.

* Movie Night *

I have to tell you, I'm not feeling a lot of love about the movie night... Also, I'm wondering if doing it that last week of Jan is a good idea, with Cafechurch The Demo and Caravan.

So how about we do something next week? If we wanted to see a film, then I'm quite keen on The Rocket ( which is (a) on thursday 23/1 at Shadow Electric, and (b) supposed to be wonderful.

Otherwise, are there other ideas? Brunch next weekend perhaps? Or a picnic (assuming that ridiculous melbourne weather allows it?)

Please email the list ( cafechurch [at] ) if you are up for something.

* Cafechurch The Demo *

"Plans" are "progressing" (well, I've got a few ideas anyway) for Cafechurch The Demo, on Thursday 30/1/14 at Pugg Mahones in Carlton. Anne pointed out that it sounded a bit as though I was suggesting that we do a Cafechurch evening, whilst being observed by a bunch of people with clipboards, possibly wearing lab coats.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I am proposing is that we join with a group of people who are interested in Fresh Expressions (which is near enough to emerging church as makes no difference), and that we, together, have a cafechurch-esque evening. This doesn't mean pretending that they are our standard cafechurch people and want to talk about suffering and/or spiritual growth. Rather, we am going to do something appropriate for them. That means the basic theme is going to be around our original brief: make a church that we would actually want to go to. What does that look like for them? What does it look like for the people they want to do church with? That sort of thing. Very experience based, stories - it will be fun, and I would really love to have half a dozen people (it doesn't matter if you are new, your perspective is as valid as anyone's - and particularly interesting to outsiders.)

I think it might be aroudn 20 people from the course? I haven't had any numbers yet (inevitably.)

If you could come, please let me know, so that I don't worry :)( alister [at] )

* Caravan 1/2/14 17:00 @ CTM Chapel*
Things are looking good for the first Caravan for the year. Come and sing a little, pray a little, draw or journal, or just relish the silence. You know the drill.

The cool change approaching like an express train...


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