Cafechurch Session 10 July 2018

Jesus, we are told, went back to his home town. But people there didn't buy his story, and said, essentially: who on earth do you think  you are? We have known you forever. And he was amazed to see that he could do no deeds of power there, besides heal a few people (And, really who can't do that? (Joke, obvs.)) (This is my very brief precis of Mark 6:1-6 )

People rejected him because they though they knew what he had to say. That's kind of like our culture - it thinks it knows what Christianity is and who Jesus is, and think they have rejected him. But do they? What is going on here? To open up the discussion we spent a while thinking about different archetypes from our culture, and archetypes who represent more Kingdom values.

It was a good evening, and we had a good conversation, so Alister was moved to blog about it (as part of his current Charles Taylor obsession.)

Here's the blurb and a link:

Do you find the story of Jesus' self-giving love profoundly meaningful? Or do you sometimes wonder whether he should have just kept his head down and stuck to carpentry? It's one of the most profound questions of our age.

And, finally, you can get the slides here