Lent As A Spiritual Practice

I suspect that for most people in Cafechurch, Lent is a bit of an unknown. It sounds boringly self-denying, isn't part of our tradition, and flirts dangerously with works righteousness. I hope that this presentation might go a little way to counteract that. Fun fact - mega-evangelist John Wesley used to fast weekly.

However, having said that, wherever spiritual practices are, um, practiced, there is the opportunity for irritating levels of self-righteousness, dull legalism, and the attempt to make God love you (you know that God already loves you anyway, right?)

So, this is an invitation to enjoy Lent, to wring the most possible juice out of your Spiritual Journey, to live as much into the story of Easter as you possibly can.

If you are thinking of taking up a prayer practice, then here are a couple of resources:

  • The Irish Jesuits run a wonderful thing called Sacred Space. It is a prayer and bible thing, takes about 10 minutes, updated every day. You could commit to doing it daily, or a couple of days a week.
  • Light a candle. Play some gentle music. You could pray the Examen every night (or some nights)

Here is the presentation. Enjoy!