The Gospel and the Anxiety of Choice

What is the Good News in our context? There's a theory, originating from Paul Tillich, that the basic problem for Christians of the Classical Age was the anxiety of death and fate, to which the answer was Christus Victor, leading captivity captive. For medieval and early modern people it was the anxiety of guilt and judgement, powerfully expressed by Luther in his quest for a gracious God. But what is the specific issue of our time and place? Is it meaninglessness? Or is it anxiety?

If the fundamental problem of our time is anxiety, then, this session suggests, the solution might be found in the idea of Call: God's call on your life gives you a steady horizon on which to orient your life.

We spent the evening on the 21st of May 2019 thinking about exactly this. Alister then went away and reflected, and wrote it up here

And here are the slides:

Image: The calling of St Matthew Caravaggio, ca. 1597-1601.