Faith development #3 - Adulthood

This is the Third of our Four (or so) presentations on what it means to be an adult in sprituality and faith. Using his book "Finding God Again", we step through John J Shea's description of adulthood as being defined by these attributes: The adult self:

  • Is a Body-Self
  • Is Founded in feeling
  • Has a Sense of depth
  • Has clear boundaries
  • Exists in intimacy
  • Is its own responsible process
We try to unpack Shea's complex language, and then ground with seeing how these attributes distil the life and ministry of Jesus. This was presented to Cafechurch Melbourne in October 2013

A life of faith is an adventure, a risky spirit quest. You are engaged on a daring venture, with everything at stake. It is the farthest thing imaginable from a boring, constrained life of anxiously checking your sinfulness and careful orthodoxy. How far are you prepared to go?

Here is the presentation.