Doubting Thomas

If Cafechurch had a patron saint, it would be "doubting" Thomas. We reckon he gets a bit of a bad rap. You shouldn't believe things just because all your friends do. After all, as my mother used to say, if all your friends jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, would you do it too? Jesus obviously approves, because he made a special appearance and showed Thomas his hands and side, and Thomas responded "my Lord and my God." He then went off to found the church in India, and the millions of Mar Thoma (St Thomas) Christians in India, and now all over the world, are testament to his passion and commitment.
This week at Cafechurch, we are inviting people to bring some sort of response. It could be a picture, a poem, a (very brief) reflection, a performance of a liturgical tiktok... Join us, via Zoom, at 7pm on Tuesday 21/4/20. Email info [at] for the meeting invitations.
Image: The Incredulity of St Thomas by Caravaggio