Deep Desire

Deep Desire

How do you get in touch with your desire for God? We pay lip service to the idea that God is the end of all our desiring, but how do we make that real in our life?

One way, a little surprisingly, involves both imagining yourself as a tree, and using fariy tales. What do the fairy tales you remember from your past tell you about your desire for God - and, indeed, about God's desire for you?

You may like to use the following exercise from the presentation:

Sit back and relax. Let your memory rover over the fairy tales that come to mind from your childhood. Does a particular story come to mind?

You may like to bring it into prayer, by consciously asking God to show you what its meanings are telling you about your own desire, and about God’s desire for you.

Here's the movie trailer we used to help to get some creative juices flowing:

Cafechurch session from 10 Feb 2015