Cafechurch Email for January 2014

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a good summer, and, if you are in Melbourne today, that you are enjoying, or have somewhere airconditioned to hide from, the heat!.

Here is what is coming up for Cafechurch over the the next little bit:

* Sunday 11/1/14 @ 10:30 - Brunch at Phil's new cafe - From On High, 412 High Street Prahan -
Please RSVP to Anne (annepate [at] if you are thinking of coming (and have not yet done so)

*Sometime in the last two weeks of Jan - Moonlight Cinema. We are going to be discussing this at brunch, so either bring an idea, or email the group (using the cafechurch [at] list) a suggestion.

* Thursday 30/1/14 - Demonstration of the wonderfulness of Cafechurch to people interested in Fresh Expressions / Emerging Church stuff. This is part of a national gathering around the FX (Fresh Expressions) thing, and I would love a couple of people to come and help to lend our little demo session an authentically cafechurchy vibe.
The details: 6:45 upstairs at Pugg Mahones (171-175 Elgin St, Carlton VIC 3053)

The plan: to give people an experience of our third-space church thing - we will probably have conversation cards over dinner, a little presentation about CC, and some sort of appropriate discussion (something around exploring why people are interested in Fresh Expressions, what they get out of it (if they are already involved), that sort of thing.

Please let me know if you are up for it - I'm hoping for about a half a dozen CC people.

* Saturday 1/2/14 The first Caravan for the year. We've booked the room, and we're ready to go. Note that we have changed the day to Saturday, in response from what I think the group has been telling me.

* Tuesday 4/2/14 - The first Cafechurch Tuesday for the year. Hurrah!

Finally, on a personal note, if anyone knows some organisation looking for part time IT type stuff (or social media, which I've been getting interested in recently, I'm searching for part time work. If you could keep your eyes open for me, that would be excellent.

I look forward to seeing people at some or all of these upcoming events.

Cheery summer blessings.