Big Universe, Uncaring God?

Stars and nebulas
On Tuesday 17/7/218 we considered the size of the universe and what it means for faith - or the lack thereof.
It is true that the universe is huge. Staggeringly, vertigo-creatingly vast. But does it therefore follow that any hypothetical God would therefore not care about humans? Consider the question: which is more important to me - the external monitor I am looking at while type this, or the laptop which is plugged into it?
We then usd ideas from Charles Taylor's book "A Secular Age" to try to move from "what's happening" to "what's really going on." Does the size of the universe, or other scientific ideas, inevitably lead to the decrease of faith?
Alister wrote a blog on this - you might find it interesting.
This is part of a series that began with The Sea of Faith