(Almost) Everything I Know About Spirituality I Learned From Epic Movies

Tonto looks at his magical horse in The Lone Ranger

Over the weekend I watched The Lone Ranger (yes, I know.) But it got me to thinking - do I want to be a boring, prudish, ineffective religious person, notable mainly for my bad singing, or do I want to be a cool, seeking, spiritual warrior like Johnny Depp? I mean, who wouldn't want to be Johnny Depp?

A life of faith is an adventure, a risky spirit quest. You are engaged on a daring venture, with everything at stake. It is the farthest thing imaginable from a boring, constrained life of anxiously checking your sinfulness and careful orthodoxy. How far are you prepared to go?

Alister wrote a blog about this - read it and validate his existence!

Here is the presentation about it. Watch! Enjoy the youtube video for added awesomeness.